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Brand Management

From Chinese market analysis to SWOT analysis; from brand positioning to strategy formulation; from sales planning to ordering, distribution, market management; as well as subsequent review and continuous optimization... Facing the rapid development in the Chinese market, and meanwhile taking the traditional SHOWROOM agency model in Europe as a reference, TUDOO has made improvements in accordance with local conditions to help the brand develop promptly in a model that is more suitable for the local environment.

Retail Management

Multi-brand stores + Mono-brand stores, as well as other new
online retail platforms such as “Wechat mall”, Douyin
(TikTok in China), “Red” and “Dewu”… Retail is an integral part
of the brand development, and the “online + offline”
omni-channel retail operation experience is TUDOO's strength
and value.

Stereoscopic Marketing Strategies

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